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Western Iowa is a beautiful part of the country where many are discovering the benefits of small-town living. With thriving communities, friendly neighbors, and countless opportunities, it’s important to understand the various available land auction services.

Randy Pryor Real Estate and Auction Co. is a farmland auction company that specializes in helping you buy or sell your Iowa farmland.


Why utilize a farmland auctioneer?

  • It brings all buyers to the table on the same day.
  • Proven to be the best way to market your farmland.

Buying and selling real estate doesn’t have to be a chore. And the moment anyone sets eyes on the property here in Western Iowa, there’s no selling necessary. People want to be a part of this growing landscape — and we are available to assist with the process.

Whether you are interested in residential or commercial property, we can help. We have worked with farm and recreational land, commercial properties, homes, and more. Our professional agents are here to help you every step of the way.

With over 30 years in the business, we know what it takes to sell a property. We hold a variety of farm and land auctions throughout the year, making it easy to sell a property quickly, easily, and successfully.

If you are looking to become a resident in Western Iowa, we can work with you to find the kind of property that meets your needs. Whether you’re settling down with a family, you have a plan for crops, or you want to bring your business ideas to life, we are here to help you explore West Central Iowa for the property that’s right for you.

We have found that auctions are one of the most efficient ways to deal with property for everyone involved. Not only do we oversee farm and land auctions but also auctions for machinery, livestock, and even household and antique items. This allows you to rely on us to sell and acquire virtually anything you could ask for throughout the area and ensure that you get the most competitive prices.

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